Ruck.Us – Align your politics with People, not Parties

Posted on Monday, December 19th, 2011 by

If the Americans among you haven’t already noticed, I’ll let you know now. There’s an election coming up in 2012. A big one. The problem is, you’ve not got much of a choice when it comes to voting for your next President. It’s Democrat or Republican, Good vs. Evil (whichever way you look at it!). There’s no in betweens when it comes to policy, no grey areas. And that’s quite annoying according to the politically minded creators of Ruck.Us. believes that politics is far more people and issue based, and not simply about the one’s the Big Parties tell you to follow. That maybe it’s possible to believe that being fiscally conservative DOESN’T mean public healthcare’s a bad thing. It’s a clever idea, and it’s the idea forming the basis of their site. You answer questions about your political positions and most important issues, and form a network of people with similar “Political DNA” as you. And then take action together, getting recommendations on petitions, candidates, causes and more. Click here to get started!

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