Roflrazzi – Lol Celebs

Posted on Monday, March 9th, 2009 by

Roflrazzi – Roflrazzi is here to make you laugh. How? Very simple, Roflrazzi finds a picture of a celeb, a picture that if viewed on any one of the various celeb sites wouldn’t arouse any funny response from you. However Roflrazzi is clever and every picture is accompanied with a short intriguing quotation, the quotation changes the whole way the viewer sees the picture. And than an innocent pictures turns into something funny. Some of my faves include: Maddonna! Put on some trousers!, Cher – So much plastic she could be recycled and Crocs – New Head Gear. Btw, if you like this concept and feel creative, you can always submit your own and hope it will be featured. LOL

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