Riff: Watch TV With Others

Posted on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 by

RiffFinally there’s a place where you can discuss you favorite TV shows while watching them, with Riff!

Did You Just See That?!

RiffRiff is giving users the ability to watch and create video commentary that can be viewed side-by-side with TV shows and movies. Finally a way to talk during a show without interrupting. Riff turns streaming video into a shared experience and a way to communicate with others during the show instead of waiting until after. Users can either use Riff to watch and react with the creator who is watching the same episode, or make their own content by filming themselves and reacting to what they’re watching. Riff is always looking for new content and creators. Riff is filled with the best TV shows and movies to choose from, making sure users never miss an episode. Also remember to subscribe to your favorite creators and never miss their reactions. Riff is finally the answer we’ve been looking for when watching TV, we no longer have to always be quiet!


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