Readability – The Easiest Way to Read & Save Articles Online?

Posted on Monday, February 20th, 2012 by

Readability - Read articles more comfortably, without all the added online clutter; save them for later

Readability is a free downloadable service aimed at making web-pages and articles more visually accessible and reader friendly, as well as allowing users to save and send articles they may want to go back to later. Particularly on smart phones, cluttered internet pages make reading good, interesting articles or blogs a far more stressful and uncomfortable experience than they should be.

With Readability, readers can extract articles from a busy webpage, and see it on a clear, in a customised style and font size, without any distractions. It makes reading online a far more relaxed, organic experience. Readability also allows users to save articles for later, or send them to an Amazon Kindle, leaving its users feeling organised and refreshed, and not frantically searching through Google for an article that seems to have been cleansed from the web, just to personally inconvenience you. Readability’s video gives a clear visual of how it works – simple, easy, readable. Click here to get to the Readability website.

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