Random Facts – Are You for Real?

Posted on Monday, December 7th, 2009 by

randomfacts Random Facts – I love sites that offer a ‘random’ feature (such as photo galleries or funny videos) because of the surprise element they offer. You never know what will come up next – isn’t it exciting? So it shouldn’t come as a total surprise that Random Facts does just that beautifully. Moving your way around this site is simple; click on the Next Fact Button, and you’ll see an interesting fact for you to contemplate on. In addition, you have the option of learning more arbitrarily organized facts within the same category. Here are my personal favorite categories on Random Facts: Marriage, Dogs, Dolphins and China facts.

In terms of my favorite fact, it’s this one: “China invented ice cream, and Marco Polo is rumored to have taken the recipe (along with the recipe for noodles) back with him to Europe.” For this winter season, see below a video showing how to make ice cream out of snow.

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