RainyMood – Soothing Sounds

Posted on Monday, February 15th, 2010 by

rainymood RainyMoodMany people find the sound of rain relaxing. It is even said to help troubled sleepers get a sounder sleep. But what can you do if precipitation is 0% in your area? You could always buy a Sound Machine (like the one in the Sex and The City, Perfect Present episode), or you could simply visit RainyMood.com. The latter offers a 15-min loop of high quality rain sounds. The website suggests that you play their rain sounds along with your favorite music for an enhanced effect. I followed their tip and here’s my conclusion: RainyMood is indeed an interesting and enjoyable experience. Try it out for yourself and if you you’re inclined to experiment, I recommend the below songs to play simultaneously with the sounds of falling rain (these are covers I used).

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