Quiz Factor – Fun, Free Quizzes on Any Subject – Win Prizes!

Posted on Monday, January 23rd, 2012 by

Quiz Factor – Now who doesn’t like a good quiz. I know my friends already addicted to online quiz site and weekly fave alumnus Sporcle definitely do; and well Quiz Factor is simply a fun, free addition to the online quiz world, with added tricky timing twists… It’s got a quiz for anything, from Harry Potter Trivia to Guessing the real names of Actors. Which makes it good in my books!

Quiz Factor’s added value really comes out in the social side of the site: You can compare your scores on the community leaderboards, and you also have the opportunity to enter into some great prize draws just for playing and getting a few correct answers! Click here or on the preview pic below to get your trivia head on and play some fun, free quizzes.

There's a quiz for everyone on Quiz Factor... Click on the preview to play for free!

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