Prescribe Wellness: Switch to a Community Pharmacist

Posted on Saturday, December 10th, 2016 by

PrescribeWellnessThe way we get our medications these days is easy, head to your local pharmacy chain and pick it up. That’s it, super easy. Prescribe Wellness is looking to change that.

It’s All About You

PrescribeWellnessWhenever we need a prescription filled, we either visit the doctor or just call it in. We go to pick it up, and be on our way. It’s so impersonal though, what if we have questions or need something explained to us? With PrescribeWellness, the team is made up of experts in health care and technology and are dedicated to creating a better patient experience and improving patient outcomes. PrescribeWellness is designed to improve a patient’s knowledge, create better paths of communication and offer additional services. The PrescribeWellness services were designed to expand how a community pharmacist interacts with their customers. People can receive face to face advise, someone to guide them for years to come, pick up meds. in one trip or receive home delivery, and much more! It might be convenient to head into a pharmacy chain, but PrescribeWellness wants to improve the process with what’s right for you.


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