Portfolium: Your Digital Portfolio to Land Jobs

Posted on Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 by

PortfoliumWhen applying for jobs, it’s hard to make yourself stand out amongst the other applicants. Cover letters and resumes don’t always do the job. Portfolium is helping applicants get noticed.

Don’t Tell Them, Show Them

PortfoliumToday, a resume and cover letter isn’t always enough to┬ástand out against other job applicants and land the job. It’s time that applicants start to show what they can do, instead of writing about it. Portfolium is a digital portfolio that lets job seekers show employers their work, and not just write about it. When someone comes across a job they wish to apply for, along with uploading a resume/cover letter, a digital portfolio can be uploaded as well. Creating with Portfolium is incredibly easy and free too. First, create a Portfolium using projects that are already completed. Then submit it when applying for jobs. Lastly, get job offers based on capabilities and not just work experience. When applying for jobs, job seekers are more than what their resume says. Portfolium is making it easier for job seekers to do just that.


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