PlaylistNow – Music According to your Mood!

Posted on Monday, December 7th, 2009 by

playlistnow PlaylistNow – I want to start by giving a big round of applause to the creators of PlaylistNow. Well done, guys! Why the praises? Because the dream team of Jonathan Younes, Franck Nakache and Robin Sabban created a fantastic and fun platform for listening to music on the Internet. What makes PlaylistNow so unique is that you don’t search for music by typing in the name of a band, singer or track title. Instead, users use ‘mood’ keywords such as “I am chilling,” “working at the office,” “studying for an exam,” etc. Each atmosphere statement prompts a list of relevant results, and all you need to do is simply click on the Play button. You’ll be surprised at the accuracy of the site’s results of every search.

I especially enjoyed the I am feeling Gloomy playlist. That’s why I decided to feature below my favorite songs from that list, and I hope you will enjoy my ‘gloomy’ suggestions. More excellent playlists you should check out are I am working at the office (which I am listening to as I’m writing this very post), and I am having a birthday party at home. Think about it; if you are throwing a birthday party at home, you can save cash on a dodgy DJ and celebrate peacefully (or not) your birthday with friends and family. By the way, you can also drag-and-drop songs in each playlist to rearrange their order. Excellent website, great music. Simple.

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