PlayList – The Ultimate Free Music Playlist!

Posted on Monday, February 16th, 2009 by

PlayList – At last, free online music has reached its true destiny. We at AllMyFaves are huge fans of free online music and have already expressed that love by reviewing a large number of related sites, the best of which (in our opinion) are:, GrooveShark and Deezer. All these sites (including basically offer the same features: search your fave music by typing in a song or artist, create playlists, share these with friends and browse through playlists of other users. So why am I so thrilled about PlayList in particular? Their execution for one, in my opinion, is flawless. Songs played on take way too much time to upload and the team is still battling with problems of continuous play. With GrooveShark, you can’t maneuver the track’s progress (i.e., fast forward or rewind) and Deezer often displays a notice indicating that the current song isn’t available, and offers you similar alternatives instead. has none of these hiccups and compared to the other free online streaming providers, it offers a smooth and intuitive experience. So to wrap things up, is currently my top dog choice for free online music streaming. Leslie Poston from Mashable doesn’t agree with me and thinks that GrooveShark is the one in the lead. What is your fave music streaming spot? Writer’s Fave Songs: While trying PlayList out, I created an AllMyFaves playlist, I have added it below. Hope you like it…

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