Paperworks: All Your Receipts in One Place

Posted on Thursday, October 27th, 2016 by

PaperworksWe get receipts for everything, and somehow they all end up at the bottom of our bags or lost forever. Finally Paperworks is the solution we’ve been looking for when it comes to receipts.

Organization Is Key

PaperworksWhether we think we’re organized or not, receipts are the one thing we always lose or misplace. Even if we are the best at keeping them organized, there are hundred of pieces of paper flying around. Finally Paperworks is saving our receipts and organizing our lives. Paperworks organizes all your receiptsĀ in one place. Sign up, connect your Gmail accounts, then Paperworks will automatically scan receipts, invoices and payments to your inbox. Everything is then easily downloadable as PDFs, and you’ll be able to pull them up at any time. There are two plans to choose from, both offering similar and different services according to what you need. We don’t have to live our lives with unorganized receipts, let Paperworks keep you organized.


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