Out There: True Stories of Survival in the Arctic

Posted on Friday, June 10th, 2016 by

Out ThereFor the most part, the Arctic is an unexplored place and it takes a lot to survive there. One thing that helps is Canada Goose. Experience the Arctic and four individuals’ journeys with Out There.

For The Adventurer

Out ThereFor decades the Arctic has been a place for explorers, hikers, adventure seekers and scientists and if you’re going to explore such an area, you’re going to need the proper equipment. Out There is a film inspired by true stories of individuals and their journeys across the Arctic and how Canada Goose was on thing that got them through it. Canada Goose has been keeping people outfitted for over twenty years. The one thing that each adventurer had in common in Out There, is their Canada Goose jacket. It became the “unofficial” jacket while filming. The film was inspired by a pilot, nurse, musher, and mountaineer, all of which in the Arctic for very different reasons. Each individual had a different purpose, but they knew they had to stay warm while doing. Out There is an inspiring film showcasing the incredible journeys some took to get through the arctic.

Out There

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