OurMix: Listen To A Daily Mix From Your Friends

Posted on Wednesday, February 17th, 2016 by

OurMixMusic sites and apps can be very hit or miss these days, but with OurMix, the music is spot on.

Daily Dose Of Music

OurMixOurMix is an app that allows users to listen to daily mixes of music from friends. With OurMixm music is delivered simple and provides a personalized hour of music from your friends everyday. We rely on our friends for opinions and advice, so why not rely on them for some good music? OurMix analyzes your Spotify library to see what you’re listening to at the moment and what you enjoy. OurMix then does the same thing to your friends Spotify accounts to match your tastes to similar music friends are listening to. OurMix does all the work (scrolling through music is a thing of the past) and based on what they find in your library and friends, OurMix delivers a new playlist everyday filled with new music that your friends are already listening to. For new music everyday, join OurMix and start listening in minutes.


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