Ninete – The Software Installation Dream Team

Posted on Monday, May 10th, 2010 by

ninite Ninite – A new computer is always exciting, at least for me it is. But installing software on a new computer can be quite a hassle. After you get your operating system up and running, installing all of your favorite applications is a major drawback to enjoying your brand new computer. I usually install the same 10-15 applications and gathering the latest versions and installing them takes me a couple of hours.

But this past Saturday, I decided that I am not going to waste my sunny weekend on endless installations, and searched for an alternative. That’s when I came across Ninite. This amazing installation magician presents you with a comprehensive and sleek checklist of free applications you can choose form. After you check the ones you want, hit download and start the installation. Ninite will download the latest version of the app and will install it completely. The best part is that they automatically check off all the unwanted toolbars you usually get from those applications. Instead of hours, it took me just 5 minutes! Ninite did all the rest. It is so easy even my cat, Chupi, can do it. Give it a try the next time you are installing software on your PC (Windows 7, Vista or XP only at this point).


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