NerdyShirts – Geeky is Gorgeous

Posted on Monday, October 12th, 2009 by

nerdyshirts NerdyShirts – Investment bankers, lawyers and accountants all have to abide a dress code which usually includes a dark suit and a tie. In case you were wondering, the dress code for the AllMyFaves team is up to each employee’s discretion. Nevertheless, even though we are free to wear whatever we want, most of us come to work wearing T-shirts because it’s the most comfortable and fun piece of clothing. If you are also a tee kind of person, you will find many great designs at NerdyShirts, where clothes are anything but nerdy. Their concept is a tad geeky but only enough to reach that super coolness level we’re all striving for. Thanks to them, creativity gets an additional outlet. Below are my favorite tees. What is yours?

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