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Posted on Monday, April 20th, 2009 by

Neatorama – Neatorama is an excellent blog that offers an original perspective on life. It covers a wide range of weird yet wonderful posts and photos from all over the world. I was really impressed by the grade A content I found here, and in order to emphasis just how interesting Neatorama is, I have decided to introduce two interesting posts I found on the blog. The first is about a research on what we call ‘white lies’. As the article states, “kids are brutally honest, but society demands white lies as “lubricants” of social interaction. So at one point in their life, they began to lie. But at what age?” Read the complete article here and find out why the age of 4 is critical to the learning and ‘practicing’ of white lies. The second Neatorama post I wanted to share is best explained by the video below – How Babies are Made. This blog is definitely worth subscribing to. Enjoy!

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