Nasa: Global Climate Change

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Global Climate ChangeClimate change is a huge issue in the world today, but it’s hard to know everything or even understand it. NASA’s site dedicated to climate change and global warming helps everyone understand these major problems a little more.

Everyone’s Climate Resource Center

Global Climate ChangeNASA’s Global Climate Change website is an extensive collection of global warming resources for everyone. Global climate change is a major issue in the world today, but there is so much information about it, that it’s hard to keep it all straight. Visiting this site, anyone (no matter the profession) can browse topics by media type, such as videos, social media shareables, easy to understand infographics, quizzes and interactives. NASA is trying to make a difference in many ways, but the biggest is education. It’s important for everyone to know what’s happening in the world and what we can do to help, even if it’s just a small amount. Besides spitting out facts and articles for adults to read and make sense of, there is an area for kids. The kids section includes interactive games, hands-on activities, and engaging articles that help make sense of global climate change for children to comprehend. It’s also useful for educators and parents. NASA is trying to help solve the global climate change and they want you to be a part of it.

Global Climate Change

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