My Very Worst Date – Dates Gone (very) Wrong

Posted on Monday, November 23rd, 2009 by

worstdate My Very Worst DateVictoria Namkung and Jessica Ramakrishnan are the two women behind My Very Worst Date. Both are journalists, which explains the exquisite content of this blog. So what’s the gist of My Very Worst Date? Here’s what Victoria and Jessica have to say: “My Very Worst Date is a commiseration of the moments when the sweet possibilities of romance turn into a sour struggle to get the hell out of the situation. We strongly believe that airing our (and other peoples) courtship disasters provides comedy, comfort and cautionary tales to bear in mind the next time you say ‘yes’ to drinks with a mysterious stranger.”

Reading about the misfortune of others in the dating scene (and sharing yours with others) was never so enjoyable and engaging. To begin, I would suggest checking out the Best of the Worst section. I read several accounts and was extremely shocked by The Jerk story, where the jerk noun turns out to be quite an understatement. Another thing that surprised me was that most of the stories here were submitted by women, thus focusing on the ‘she said’ rather than ‘he said’ side of the story. I feel I must protest; innocent men with genuine intentions also go through really bad dates every now and then…  I wish more men would join this terrific platform and share their dates gone wrong stories as well. This is the perfect venue for both men and women who didn’t want to kiss, but certainly wanted to tell!

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