Motto: Words To Live By

Posted on Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 by

MottoMotto is the newest site from TIME, providing expert articles, posts, videos and more regarding life and the world around us.

Take My Advice

MottoMotto is a site brought to us by the editors of TIME, providing advice that’s worth sharing from the most influential people. Motto is filled with posts from all the categories we all enjoy from the original TIME publication. From politics, sports and living, to family and everything in between, Motto covers it all. Motto is broken down into 3 categories to make it easier to browse: work, play, live. These articles are presented in a serious, yet light hearted way. They’re filled with facts, but in a way people want to read and learn from. The articles are good reads with important messages inspiring readers in different ways. These articles and posts come from influential people who know what they’re talking about, and who know how to get their message across. Motto is filled with advice worth sharing, for those who are looking for a little advice, direction and/or a good read.


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