MightyTV: The Search is Over

Posted on Friday, April 29th, 2016 by

MightyTVFinding great TV and movies has never been easier with the help of MightyTV.

Swipe Right

MightyTVMightyTV is a discovery app that helps its’ users find great videos right from the palm of their hand. MightyTV was created by individuals who like to watch what’s good and want others to watch it too. MightyTV has created personalized experiences for viewers. Finding the best movies and TV is the easiest thing to do, just swipe. MightyTV factors in personal preferences and opinions of friends, so viewers spend less time searching for what to watch and more time streaming the good stuff. As users swipe through programs, the app gets smarter remembering choices made to provide better options in the future. We trust our friends for lots of things in our lives, so why trust their opinions for what to watch.┬áStop searching through pages and pages of shows and movies with MightyTV, and listen to your friends and an app that listens to you.


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