Mekorama: Puzzling Mechanical Dioramas

Posted on Wednesday, May 25th, 2016 by

MekoramaBe a little robot’s hero and help get it home in Mekorama.

Keep Moving!

MekoramaThe point of Mekorama is simple, help the little robot find is way home. But what puzzle game is ever simple? In Mekorama, the little robot can only find is way home when you help it through the 50 puzzling dioramas. Going from point A to point B gets the robot to the next diorama, but has the robot moves, the dioramas change. Staircases change, obstacles appear, parts keep spinning, and lots more. As you move the robot through the levels, there are collectable QR cards with more levels, building blocks to make your own level, and lots of excitement and challenges. It all seems relatively simple, but these sorts of games are never as easy as you would think. Be the little robot’s hero and get it home through Mekorama.


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