MathCrunch: Learn Math Stress Free

Posted on Tuesday, October 6th, 2015 by

MathCrunchFor many, math is an easy concept to grasp. But for the majority, math is a whole different language. MatchCrunch is trying to take away the hard, and help everyone understand math.

Math On Your Time

MathCrunchSitting through math class is sometimes the worst part of a students’ day. It’s not just adding and subtracting anymore, there are formulas to be memorized, procedures to learn, word problems, and a whole lot more most students don’t understand. But MathCrunch is here to help. With the new app MathCrunch, learners can take a photo of a question they have and start chatting immediately with a highly qualified tutor in minutes. Tutors are available on the spot for instant help, and are ready 24/7.


Easy As 1-2-3

MathCrunchMathCrunch wants to help all students succeed in math and they’re using the most effective teaching techniques. The tutors are catering to their students needs to help them learn the best way they can. The tutors are the best too. They go through extensive training and programs before they can work with students. They’re there to help, not just make money. To use MathCrunch there is a fee, but honestly, when it comes to your child not only passing their math class, but understanding what’s going on, a fee seems worth it. When students download and use MathCrunch, they’ll gain confidence where they normally struggle, tutoring covers k-12 math, long term improvement and engagement to ensure students don’t just write an answer down. Students need to stop stressing about math, and finally enjoy it (or at least understand it).


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