March Madness – Final Four

Posted on Monday, March 30th, 2009 by

March Madness – The 2009 NCAA Tournament will conclude on April 6th, 2009 with the Championship game at Ford Field, Detroit. The season is just about over but the way I see it, the best (i.e.The Final Four) is yet to come. Why is this year particularly special? Because each and every game of the entire March Madness saga was featured for free via real-time, online video streaming. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who missed out on a game and wants to get all the ins and outs before it’s time for the Final Four. So in case you won’t be able to buy tickets or watch the game at your place or your friends’, here’s the heads up; be sure to stay tuned for the Semi Finals and the Finals – online. Since yours truly is a huge basketball fan, I took up the task of ‘testing’ this service for you and see if it really is worth your while. I watched several games LIVE and my conclusion is this: even though TV broadcasting is more enjoyable, of better quality and offers higher doses of Finals atmosphere, the online streaming options is a rather fair alternative. If you’re dead set on consuming the game through the good old box, I encourage you to try it out just for fun to get a feel of ‘the future of broadcasting -‘ many media experts claim that eventually, we will consume TV content exclusively through the Internet. Back to the games, who will turn out to be the Championship’s top dog team? Will it be Connecticut Huskies, Michigan State Spartans, North Carolina Tar Heels or Villanova Wildcats? Stay tuned regardless of your media of choice…

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