Mapme: Build Smart And Beautiful Maps

Posted on Thursday, December 10th, 2015 by

MapmeMapme allows users to create beautiful and original maps for anything and everything.

How Do I Get There?

MapmeReading a map isn’t always easy and can take forever, but relief is here. Mapme is the coolest way for anyone to create a map of their choice. It could show the best restaurants in a city, coolest coffee houses, historical sites, you name it and you can make it. The best part is that these maps are free and there is no coding required. Any map created is easy to read, and gives the information one exactly needs because you made it! There are three easy steps to create the ultimate map with Mapme and everything is completely customizable. Your map has your choice of topic, and your choice of design.


Point A To Point B In No Time

MapmeThere are 3 easy steps to create your perfect map with Mapme. First, create your map. Second, choose the area of a location you want to focus on. Zoom into a certain neighborhood or focus on the bigger picture. Last, customize the whole map to what you want it to be. Start by uploading an image of what your map is going to look like (a few streets in a neighborhood, or a the whole city). Give it a name and start adding icons, images and phrases. Add hotels, restaurants, parks, grocery stores or whatever will make it unique. Mapme allows users to create their own unique maps, highlighting only what you want. Don’t wander around a city for hours looking for a destination, just Mapme it.


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