Made With Code: Girls Can Be Coders Too

Posted on Thursday, December 24th, 2015 by

Made With CodeLess than 1% of girls study computer science, and Made With Code is changing that.

Coding Is For Everyone, Not Just Boys

Made With CodeScience and technology is a male dominated field, not due to sexism, but do to a lack of interest by women. When a girl is young and starts school, there seems to be an interest in science and technology, but somewhere along they way that interest dwindles for many. Made With Code is trying to change that by showing girls coding can be fun and they can do so much with those skills. Made With Code wants to inspire girls to show that code can help them achieve their goals, and contribute their ideas to the field of technology. Coding can helpĀ make a movie, design a fashion line, save lives, etc. so no matter what a girl wants to be when she grows up, Made With Code wants to show that coding will help! The site is filled with projects to be completed, to show what coding can really do and that it isn’t just a bunch of numbers. Made With Code has mentors that young girls can connect with and see what coding can really do for someone, or they can do for coding. Made With Code is trying to put the fun back into science for girls and keep the momentum going through school and after. It’s about time we get more girls represented in the science and technology fields!

Made With Code

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