Looklive: Men’s Fashion Inspiration

Posted on Thursday, September 8th, 2016 by

LookliveWhat we see on TV, and what celebrities do have more of an effect on us than we think. Style is one of the biggest influences. Looklive is taking those inspirations and making them a reality.

Dress Like the Best

LookliveWhether we want to admit it or not, what we see on TV tends to influence us. More often than not, what we see celebrities doing or wearing resonate with us. Looklive has shopping inspiration from TV shows, artists and people we see everyday. It’s the ultimate inspiration for style, and where users can get the exact item or something similar. Most of these sites tend to be focused towards women, but Looklive is focused towards both men and women and the celebrities they love. The site is filled with images of male actors, artists of many kind, and celebrities wearing different outfits. Click on an image and be shown the exact item that a celebrity is wearing, or links to similar items. Search by the latest trends, people, shows, music and more. Next time you see a celebrity wearing something amazing, don’t just try and re-create the look, GET the look with Looklive.


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