Lifewire: Tech Untangled

Posted on Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 by

LifewireEvery day there is a new phone or gadget released on the market. But who is going to teach us how to use them? That’s where Lifewire steps in.

Life Untangled, Tech Untangled

LifewireWe surround ourselves with new tech and gadgets every day, we walk into a store, purchase the item and then walk out. But what happens after we leave the store, who is going to teach us how to use it? Lifewire, that’s who. Lifewire is a new site that helps us get the most out of our technology. After we listen to a short tutorial, we are on our merry way to figure the gadget out. Lifewire teaches users how to best use our new gadgets, enjoy it, fix it when it isn’t working and find the coolest accessories to match! Lifewire is filled with how-to guides for the any phone, computer, tablet, speakers, anything. You use it, it’s on Lifewire. Stop trying to figure out how to use something on your own, learn it from Lifewire.


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