Lifeblob – Life Timeline

Posted on Monday, August 3rd, 2009 by

LifeblobIt is said that the global average life expectancy of a human being in our era is 67 years. In the course of these 67 average years we tend to document our life mainly through pictures, video and text. Lifeblob suggest that you capture and share those beautiful moments on a timeline of your own, and see how your life intersects with your friends’ and family’s. Another interesting aspect Lifeblob offers is the option of browsing through timelines of famous people. I especially enjoyed going through the ones of The Beatles, U2 and Johnny Depp. If this sounds like a cool feature to you, you should also check out Rememble and Capzles, both offering a unique way of creating a timeline. These two ‘private history’ sites were previously featured on our Weekly Faves.

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