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Posted on Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 by

Know FastWith the Know Fast app, learn something new everyday from a variety of categories.

Keep Your Brain Sharp

Know FastWhen you download Know Fast, you’ll learn something new everyday. Each day, Know Fast sends a short video that will expand your though, knowledge and skills. The process is simple: choose a category, watch the video, rate it and then share your discoveries. Because you decide which topic to receive a video from, you’re learning what you want to learn. So no wasted time in the morning. If you receive a video you like, rate and share it so others can learn something new too. Don’t think you’ll be getting non-stop notifications every day, once a day, one new video. And if you enjoy a video that much, just save for your re-watching pleasure later in the day. Know Fast is a fun way to find what’s new, and to keep on learning all day long.

Know Fast

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