Kids Are a Blessing

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TheFilter – The Filter is an online discovery experience that filters the world of online entertainment and information, personalizing it for each individual user. The Filter is a blend of man and machine – a hybrid engine that filters entertainment content to one’s own personal taste. Pick your favorite music and movie genres and The Filter will try recommending your faves. The idea is amazing however in my eyes the execution is quite poor. The Filter is backed by Peter Gabriel’s Real World Group, I would like to suggest Peter – stick with music, at least with music you can predict the future – Here comes the flood!

CeleBuzz – Celebrity is like a box of chocolates; you can’t stop until you’ve had too much. Just when you think you’ve had your fill of celeb spawn, star weddings, busted relationships, DUIs, wardrobe malfunctions, sex tapes and Scientology spoofs, Britney does something to suck you right back in! Celebuzz is a comprehensive source for celebrity media. Celebuzz has pulled together a stellar lineup of contributors (Socialite Life, WWTDD, The Superficial, JustJared, HollywoodTuna, GFY, Celebslam, Splash News, GB, Bauer-Griffin, Pacific Coast News and INF Daily) in order to make the magic happen.

SurfTheChannelWatching TV online has become very tangible these days, yet searching for the TV show of your choice is usually still a requirement. No worries, SurfTheChannel has completed the work for you. SurfTheChannel has searched the internet and made available a commendable repertoire of shows. Ooops! I almost forgot; they also have movies, cartoons, music, documentaries, sports and much more. Some of the links are broken, some don’t upload, some are very low quality however if you are a TV enthusiastic, this is defiantly worth checking. Good Morning Dr. Katz!

TopSpotMazal Tov – You got married and now you are expecting your first born. Do you love your baby? Of course you do, you love him so much you want to document every single thing he does, from his first smile and on to his first school talent show. Childhood is an ongoing story and TotSpot makes it super easy for parents to share their kid’s story. Tell the story of your kid — capture every first, every memory, and every favorite. Kids are a blessing! they sure say the darndest things!

Drowned In SoundMusic makes the people come together! Drowned in Sound is a comprehensive music source that offers the latest in News, Reviews, Features, Community, Listings, DiScover and Festivals.

YouUniverse – Take a personality quiz and find out who matches your VisualDNA? Is it that simple? Well I don’t know if this is really the answer to your match but it definitely is a great time waster. If you are looking for serious DNA projects, check this Human Genome Project Presentation delivered by Linda Avey. BTW the company behind this fascinating presentation is called 23andme and one of the Co-founders is Anne Wojcicki (wife of Sergey Brin). So what do you prefer imagination or cold facts?

Bomomo – Nowadays, it feels like everyone has to have a say, everyone thinks he is an artist. I say – If you feel, you have a say – therefore, you are an artist. Bomomo offers a great way to express your artistic skills. Show this link to your kids, I can assure you they will enjoy it. I just hope the name of the site won’t inspire you to create a Hiroshima Atomic Bomb.

I am Neurotic – The following description doesn’t belong to me “I can’t use silverware or plates and bowls in restaurants. When I eat out, I have to order “hand food” (sandwiches, nuggets, strips, anything I can eat with my hands). I also always order my food to go, even If I am with people and they are eating there…my friends have just accepted it and love taunting me with the fact that they are using the restaurant silverware and eating off of restaurant plates. I find it disgusting that they are using silverware that has been in thousands of peoples mouths, who knows what diseases and their own disgusting hygiene habits….same thing applies to the plates and bowls… all that saliva mixing with the food… Ick!” I am neurotic is a site dedicated to neurotic disturbances. What is your “small” interruption?

Euro 2008 – The most popular sport world-wide is football also known as soccer. One of the main football events is the EURO Championship which is held once every 4 year, it is the second most important football event after the World Cup. The EURO 2008 site is a dream come true for football lovers, it includes great features and is designed with style. Make sure to check Goal of The Day, Photos, and some pieces of history, such as the unforgettable 1988 Netherlands Victory. Is Ronaldo the new Marco Van Basten?

Click Maze 2The aim of this game is to guide the small red pill through the maze avoiding all the black walls and obstacles in order to reach the large pill in as few clicks as possible. Struggling? Check the video and plan your next click.

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