Kapitall – Investment in Simplicity Pays Off

Posted on Monday, November 30th, 2009 by

kapitall Kapitall – When I was younger, I used to invest in stocks, and took advantage of Yahoo! Finance to help me organize my portfolio. I was quite satisfied with it; it was reliable, effective, and easy to use. Today I don’t do much investing anymore, but if I were to tap into that game field today, I would probably come back to Yahoo! Finance or Google Finance to help me out.

My past experience in investing really came in handy in checking out Kapitall – “an online investing platform that combines the world’s friendliest investing experience with powerful yet simple tools to build your skills – and maybe even your net worth.” I was happy to see it featured as a Weekly Faves because I was eager to test their “friendly platform” statement. Signing up prompted the welcome video (see below), which seemed promising. The problem was that when I actually started playing around with the website’s various features, I became rather confused. There were way too many pop-up flash windows, each asking me many questions.

Investing in stocks is a tough mission as it is, and when an online tool that’s supposed to ease things up ends up complicating them, one’s natural reaction is frustration and disinterest. If only Kapitall’s interface was a more intuitive and simpler one… Although I did manage to work my way around the site in the end, it’s a shame users need to spend so much time figuring out the site’s navigation rather than focusing on what’s important – easy and happy investment! Having said that, Kapitall’s Investor DNA and the News Viewer sections are note worthy, but my overall experience is not a positive one. I don’t think I’ll visit this site in the future, but maybe it is just me. What do you think about it?

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