INKS: Pinball for a New Generation

Posted on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 by

INKSCombine paintball and pinball, and you’ve got INKS. What could be cooler?

A Masterpiece

INKSPaintball takes skill and so does pinball, but together they can create something amazing. INKS is pinball for a new generation. INKS is a game that combines pinball with puzzles and allows players to create works of art when the ball hits the canvas (the walls). As the ball smashes bursts of color burst creating layers of colors along with music, basically creating a show while you play the game. The color explosion and music isn’t just for show, it also tracks the gameplay to see how well you’re doing. INKS has lots of levels to get through, but don’t get distracted, you’re still playing pinball and want to rack up that high score. Players can share their final work of art with others and they can be printed out too. INKS is a whole new way to play pinball and combine some other cool factors.


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