In Space We Trust

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In Space We TrustSpace is a big place to explore and only a few get to do so. In Space We Trust is an art project dedicated to those past and present space pioneers.

Out Of This World

In Space We TrustIn 1957 the first artificial Earth satellite was launched into space and since then, space programs from all around the world have kept exploring. In Space We Trust is an art project dedicated to all space pioneers and researchers of space. In Space We Trust is an interactive timeline showing the most important event in space exploration history. Spacecrafts, flights to other planets, landings, etc. it’s all there. Using┬áthe right and left arrows, move the little space explorer across the timeline and learn about some of the biggest space milestones. There will always be more to explore in space, but In Space We Trust is highlighting some of the past achievements made in space programs.

In Space We Trust

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