I Love Potatoes: A Game To Plant Ideas and Harvest Change

Posted on Tuesday, March 29th, 2016 by

I Love PotatoesFollow Chips’ experience and change the world one potato at a time in I Love Potatoes.

Where Are All The Potatoes?

I Love PotatoesAll the potatoes are disappearing, so help Chips save Potatoland! In I Love Potatoes, Chips and his friends feed potatoes to the Potato Monster in exchange for food, supplies and luxury items so they can live in Potatoland. But the monster suddenly collapse and the potatoes start to disappear. As the player, you have to help Chips work quickly to make more friends and find clues to problems solve and save his community.┬áI Love Potatoes┬áis more than just a fun game though. Not only does this game encourage collaborative play and problem solving, but the game also teaches sustainability and social change. Through I Love Potatoes, players learn basic building blocks of social change and sustainable living. I Love Potatoes is a fun and addicting game to help Chips and his friends, but you’re also going to learn a little something.

I Love Poatoes

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