Hyper: Daily Top 10 Video Playlist

Posted on Sunday, July 24th, 2016 by

HyperNo need to watch an endless amount of videos everyday anymore. Download Hyper and never miss a great video again.

Only the Best

HyperInstead of starting your day deleting¬†emails, clicking through Snapchats and scrolling through Facebook, watch the best videos. Hyper brings you the 10 best videos everyday, based on your interests. The videos are pre-loaded overnight so you can be offline to watch them. They’re displayed easily, making them easy to watch. Hyper searches through lots of videos, delivering exactly what you’ll like, so you don’t have to sit and get lost watching what you don’t want to see. Hyper lets you take these videos anywhere, for instant entertainment. Hyper knows what you like, and they deliver. Hyper has the best videos on the web, delivered right to the palm of your hand.


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