Hunch – Everyone’s a Winner in this Guessing Game

Posted on Monday, June 22nd, 2009 by

Hunch – Hunch is truly a unique and innovative decision making helper. Some of the numerous decisions Hunch facilitates are Where should I go on vacation, What’s the best US college for me and What kind of smart phone is right for me? Once you have established your ‘decision of choice,’ Hunch will ask you about 10 questions that relate to your needs, desires and yes, even your personality. As you answer these, Hunch evaluates your answers and adapts the subsequent questions accordingly. What seems like the next best thing to a human expert, Hunch provides you with results based on the collective knowledge of all its users. So ask away or start with one of the 2,500 possible topics that already exist in their data base. Got a Hunch?

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