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houzz Houzz – Did you get a chance to visit our blogs page? If you haven’t, it’s a one-stop place for many great blogs in various categories such as architecture, style, design, finance and many others. Even though we spent a lot of time creating this page, we might have missed out on some excellent blogs, and this is exactly where you come in – we want to hear your suggestions. I am telling you this because it was through a user’s suggestion that we learned of Houzz. Adi Tatarko, a Houzz contributor, contacted us and filled us in on an excellent architecture blog site. From our very first dive into Houzz we fell in love with it and decided to give it a Weekly spot. In addition, we’ve added it to the architecture faveline on the Blogs page, as well as to the architecture minipage.

So what is Houzz anyway? It’s “a place where you can find inspiration, information and moral support from other home design fanatics. Browse photos, get ideas from hundreds of designers from around the world, and save it all in your virtual idea book. It’s the online version of cutting pages out of magazines and stuffing them in a folder, which makes it much easier to search, save, and share.” I am not an architecture freak myself but I can nevertheless appreciate good quality when I see it. Houzz has it. A lot of it actually. I especially enjoyed these two articles, Houzz Interview: Jennifer’s Old Painted Cottage and Unique Color Combinations: Purple + Yellow. Below are my favorite designs, found in the posts mentioned above.

pretty in pink modern bedroom
modern bedroom design by tel aviv interior designer HILIT
The Old Painted Cottage traditional
traditional home design

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