Hoodrip: Free to Play, Play to Win

Posted on Tuesday, March 15th, 2016 by

HoodripWhen you win a challenge on Hoodrip, it’s just as good as getting sponsored in real life.

Don’t Forget Your Helmet

HoodripHoodrip is different than a normal sports game. In other games, when you win, you get points or a high score. It’s all about skateboarding with Hoodrip and having fun along the way. It’s an arcade style game with action and challenges to tackle. Competition modes range from high scores and longest combos to speed and accuracy challenges.¬†Hoodrip is a different kind of game though.¬†Winning a challenge is like being sponsored as if you were a real athlete. When you win a challenge on Hoodrip, prizes include merchandise from leading lifestyle brands. It’s the first game that’s free to play, and gives you the chance to win real-world prizes from Active Ride Shop and SkateDeluxe. Hoodrip isn’t about just getting a hire score, it tests your skateboarding skills and the ability to win real prizes, not just gold coins.


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