Hey! VINA: Your New Best Friend

Posted on Thursday, February 4th, 2016 by

Hey! VINAHey! VINA is the iPhone app that helps women find new friends.

One Person Can Change It All

Hey! VINAWe all have our group of friends, but sometimes we need a few different ones or we moved away and need a new sense of community, etc. And sometimes, with the right friend, our world can change forever, for the better. This is where Hey! VINA¬†helps us all out. Hey! VINA helps women find new friends. This app helps women make new connections in the real world. Hey! Vina’s foundation is friendship. Whether someone is looking to network professionally, or find someone who shares a passion, this app is ready to help you get started.


For Fun, For Work, For Life

Hey! VINATo start Hey! VINA, connect with Facebook and then take a few profile quizzes to introduce yourself to others with similar interests, personalities and lifestyles. Once you’ve taken those quizzes, find matches and then meet! The matches will lead you to individuals with similar interests to help kick start a new friendship. Hey! VINA is great to use when traveling to meet new people to travel with or just experience a city. It’s also a great way to find someone to try something new with and expand your social circle beyond your core group of friends. Hey! VINA is a like an online dating app, but meant for finding friends. Whether it’s to make a professional connection, find activity partners or just need a friend to talk to, Hey! VINA is ready to make it happen.


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