He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

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Heavy – Heavy is designed especially for young men aged 18-34. It mixes animation, music, video games, grainy home movies of oddball characters, supermodels in bikinis and pop culture parodies. Often, all of these elements are squished into a single two-minute clip. Heavy’s original programming staples include “Superficial Friends,” “Kung Fu Jimmy Chow,” “The Massive Mating Game,” “The Burly Sports Show,” and “Behind the Music that Sucks.” However you won’t find songs like -“He ain’t heavy he’s my brother“. The only downside is that advertising is everywhere.

Yardbarker – Are you a sports enthusiastic? Yardbarker is the place to go for sports news. From the unique blogs by actual athletes to the vibrant community who is passionate about great sports from poker to football. In the Yard, even the famous athletes are treated like fans. Check the Yardbarker YouTube page for cool sport related videos.

LearningSpace – There’s nothing like free education. LearningSpace offers a new initiative designed to open up university material to traditional and non-traditional learners alike. If you ever wondered what university material is like, take a look! You can find free online courses with various subjects: Arts and History; Business and Management; Education; Health and Lifestyle; IT and Computing; Mathematics and Statistics; Modern Languages; Science and Nature; Society; Study Skills; Technology. Now you can check if you are smarter than a 5th grader?

Politico – A strictly political website that seems to represent both sides of the spectrum. Currently the site will focus on three arenas. The first is Congress and the constant flow of agendas, personalities and power struggles that define daily life on Capitol Hill. The second is the 2008 presidential campaign, a race already churning and one likely to shape history in ways far beyond the typical election. The third is lobbying and advocacy, a part of the capital economy undergoing rapid growth and change. It is a business alive with interesting and influential characters whose impact is dimly understood and insufficiently covered.

Debatewise – Debatewise allows you to share your beliefs about, your passion for, or your wisdom on the issues that mean most to you. If you want to convince others that you’re right, if you want to convince your opponents that they’re wrong, this is the place for you. You can start a debate on any topic you like. You can collaborate with people who share your outlook by adding to the debates they started. And you can respond to the views of those people who disagree with you. The growing number of debates allows you to learn how key thinkers see a particular issue. You can read both sides of the debate, see how other people have voted and vote yourself.

Muxtape – A simple way to create and share mp3 mixtapes, there’s some great music up there, you just have to look a little bit. Shame about the 12 song limit but you can always delete some and add others. My Fave mix is by Novalis. The achilles heel of the site is that it moves at a snails pace even when I’m not uploading anything. ** A note to Muxtape owners – Please upgrade your servers.

Clark and Michael – Michael Cera (Superbad and Arrested Development) and Clark Duke in a web-based sit-com about two young guys trying to launch their own show in Hollywood. The show includes 10 chapters and has been funded by CBS. Similar projects on the net include: Squeegees, Quarterlife and Roommates. Do you like these online shows? I personally think that this will be the future of TV.

The Photo Stream – Photo Stream has an interesting way to deliver relevant content to their audience – they do it the visual way. Almost every interesting article which is uploaded on the net is accompanied by a photo, so Photo Stream displays the photos and you just need to click and choose the story of your will.

IcanHAScheezBURGER – I am allergic to cats (Yes I really am). I have no hard feelings towards cats I actually like them a lot but from a distance, for example, through the net. IcanHAScheezBURGER (I have no idea what the name means) offers an endless source of lolcats pics that will make you lol.

BattleshipsThe objective of this game is to sink all of the computers ships before the computer sinks your ships.

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