Hazlitt: A Home for Writers & Artists

Posted on Saturday, November 5th, 2016 by

HazlittMost sites where writers and artists can submit work, have some sort of theme or guidelines. But Hazlitt is different, it embraces new and different.

Essential Internet

HazlittNormally writers and artists submit work to sites that are like minded with what they’re writing about, which isn’t a problem. But there doesn’t always seem to be a site that welcomes all work, no matter the theme. There is a place for all, it’s Hazlitt. Hazlitt is a home of sorts for writers and artists to tell the stories about things that matter most to them. Hazlitt covers themes from art, fiction/non-fiction, humor, criticism, it has it all. Hazlitt describes them as essential Internet and are dedicated to stories and writers that aren’t heard anywhere else. Hazlitt will respond to every submission, whether it’s posted or not too. Find a home for your work and submissions, find it with Hazlitt.


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