HadOneJob: A Slideshow of Epic Fail

Posted on Monday, July 1st, 2013 by

Hadonejob is a collection of hilarious incompetence. A montage of epic failure where you can submit your own examples, and a great place to feel better about your own intelligence.

You had one job, man…ONE JOB!

Hadonejob features a collection of photos that exemplify the popular Internet meme “You Had One Job!”  The expression is used to call attention to mistakes or blunders by individuals on the job. The pictures featured range from understandable accident to how is this possible?!

Stop working and Laugh

It’s a great place to go for a quick laugh. In fact, it’s so great that Time Magazine recently named HadoneJob one of the 50 Best websites of 2013. As a man who wastes a lot of time on the Internet (don’t tell my boss) I can say that these examples of human incompetence never fail to brighten my day. So if it’s a slow Monday (or anytime you need a break) check out this collection of epic fails.

Submit your own!

And if you think you’ve got a great image that is fail worthy, there’s a submit link at the bottom. Who knows, if your photo is funny enough maybe you’ll see your content on the page!



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