GoGoGrandparent: Uber for Folks without Smartphones

Posted on Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 by

GoGoGrandparentEven though pretty much everyone has a smartphone these days, many who are part of an older generation don’t. GoGoGrandparent is catering to those who don’t.

At Your Service

GoGoGrandparentSo much of our lives is done through our smartphones these days: ordering food, looking up directions, calling cabs, etc. But shouldn’t those who haven’t joined the smartphone movement have access to the same services? Thanks to GoGoGrandparent, assistance has come to those who don’t like smartphones, or don’t have one. All a user has to do, is call the number and select the service they’re looking for. Users can create their own permanent menu options, depending on what they do/need the most. Rides can be scheduled in advanced, and be given standing appointments. GoGoGrandparents is an on demand service, getting people what they need and when they need it. In a world where we are all connected through our smartphones, it’s important to keep the older generations connected as well. Thanks to GoGoGrandparents, everyone can stay connected.


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