Glubble – Your children will browse safely

Posted on Friday, June 29th, 2007 by

glubble Glubble is a Firefox plug-in (3.8 MB) that will allow the parents to control a white list of domains that their kids can visit and browse. Glubble initially has a list of 350 approved domain properties like or Nickelodeon, but parents can add other domains not in this list or also combine their lists with preexisting lists approved by other parents.

glubble screen

Glubble is providing families with a new online experience and eliminating any fears that parents might have about their children surfing the pervasive internet. Glubble is all about building a community of families that craft a better, trusted and pleasant internet experience for their children.

These days, where the nature of the internet is complex and uninhibited. Tools like this will ensure that children are safeguarded. Glubble


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