Globetops: Donate Your Old Laptops

Posted on Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 by

GlobetopsGlobetops is providing old and gently used laptops to individuals who need them, and areas of the world who need them the most.

What’s Old Is New Again

GlobetopsEver wonder what happens to your old laptops when you get rid of them? Well, they most likely end up in a landfill. But what if they don’t have to? Globetops is takes old laptops, fixes them up a bit and then sends them to individuals throughout the world who need them the most. For those looking to donate their old laptops, they can browse through profiles of those who have never had one before. After a few clicks, users can erase their files and then the computer is send to the Glopetops command center (by mail or a free NYC only pickup service). Laptops are then completely wiped, checked, revamped, wrapped and then sent overseas to their final destinations. Once a laptop arrives to its’ destination, recipients are introduced to their new device and receive training. Besides doing something amazing and connecting someone with an item so many of us take for granted everyday, both parties can stay connected through those laptops. Find out about each other, the others’ community and how they’re doing. From something so simple as a donation, Globetops is changing lives of so many individuals and communities around the world. Next time you’re ready to trash your old laptop that’s still in decent condition, think about sending off to Globetops.


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