Game of the Week: Sacred Treasure

Posted on Thursday, October 20th, 2016 by

Sacred Treasure You’re about to embark on a long journey¬†to help protect Meadowshire in Sacred Treasure.

Protect the Land

Sacred TreasureYou’ve landed in the land of Meadowshire, and your adventure awaits you in Sacred Treasure. In Sacred Treasure, evil is spreading across the land, filled with many towns and villages that are falling to evil one by one. Since you’re the hero, you’ll start your journey by saving someone from the evil that fills the land, and from there they will help you onto your next encounter. As you cross Meadowshire, you’ll travel and fight against the land full of orcs, the undead and trolls. You’ll collect and earn different items that will help you beat the evil and save the land. You can trade the items, sell them and/or use them to make you the best hero you can be. Fight the evil, and save the land of Meadowshire in Sacred Treasure.

Sacred Treasure

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