Game Of The Week: Madmen Racing 2

Posted on Wednesday, January 20th, 2016 by

Madmen Racing 2Buckle up your seat belts and get ready for the game of the week: Madmen Racing 2.

Get Your Engines Ready

Madmen Racing 2Madmen Racing 2 is more than just who can cross the finish line first (even though that’s the end point), there are a few more obstacles standing in your way to the finish line. First, you aren’t racing in a traditional car, every player is in some sort of moving vehicle, and then you the actual player is sitting in a unicorn on wheels. To get to the next level, you also have to finish in a certain place, so make sure if your “vehicle” does flip, you get all the wheels back down and keep moving. Along the course, you want to avoid certain objects and make sure to run into others to gain points and rewards. Each level gets more and more difficult, so if you’ve been hiding your competitive side, it’s time to bring it out. Get racing and get going in Madmen Racing 2.

Madmen Racing 2

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