Game of the Week: Halloween Basketball Legends

Posted on Saturday, November 12th, 2016 by

Halloween Basketball LegendsIf basketball is your game, see how great your are against some monster players in Halloween Basketball Legends.

Do the Monster Mash!

Halloween Basketball LegendsYou might be good at basketball in real life, but do you think you could take on some monster players? See how far your basketball skills will take you in Halloween Basketball Legends. In Halloween Basketball Legends, you’ll play basketball against other Halloween legends who are ready to own you on the basketball court. Pick which monster you’ll play as, and which monster you’ll play against. You have a variety of tricks to use that will get you the win in the end. Play with another friend and take on the monsters, one on one, or tournament style to see who the best really is! Don’t be intimidated by all these Halloween monsters, and show them your basketball skills in Halloween Basketball Legends.

Halloween Basketball Legends

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