Game of the Week: Gramp’s Ride

Posted on Thursday, June 16th, 2016 by

Gramp's RideDon’t deprive Gramps time with his grandson, so make sure he gets there in Gramp’s Ride.

Go Gramps Go!

Gramp's RideGramps going to see is his grandson is a simple request, but in Gramp’s Ride there are no simple requests. This grandpa is on his way to his grandson for some quality bonding time then he accidentally lands himself inside a video game. So now in order to get to his grandson, grandpa has to make it through Gramp’s Ride. As grandpa goes through the game, there are pieces to jump to collect, flags to get to, little critters to avoid and more. As grandpa makes it through the levels, there are more and more obstacles that stand in his way of spending time with his grandson. Help grandpa out and make sure he makes it out of the video game and to his grandson in Gramp’s Ride.

Gramp's Ride

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